Create solid geo databases and insightful reports

Ready to build some solid ground? Most engineers and their teams choose GeoDin Professional. Does your company have specific needs? Contact us for our Custom package. For every user, you need one license.

You always have 30 free days of GeoDin.

  • Professional
  • Try 30 days for free! Then $208.25/month
  • Collect, import and structure various geodata
  • Make geodata compliant with 11 international standards
  • Optimize workflow with preconfigured data structures
  • Simplify reporting from industry-validated preconfigured templates
  • Export to various formats, with optional user definable schemas
  • Standard onboarding, standard training, standard invoicing
  • Limited customisation options
  • Try now
  • Custom
  • contact Sales
  • Tailored onboarding, tailored training, custom invoicing.
  • Full customisation options to develop requested features
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How does the free trial work?

You can test GeoDin for free for 10 days. No strings attached, no creditcard needed. After the 10 days, your trial will end automatically. It is up to you to extend the usage of GeoDin.

How many licenses do I need for my team?

For every team member that wants to build geodatabases and reports, you need a license. For team members that want to view-only, we have a free version available.

What type of license do I need?

Single User License:

  • Each unit provides a unique license key for use on one machine or instance
  • Ideal for those who need a personalized setup with the freedom to manage their own geotechnical projects

Corporate License:

  • Each unit equips your team with a collective license key, allowing multiple users to access GeoDin simultaneously
  • Designed for organizations needing a shared solution

Where do I find the download?

After signing up for the free trial, you will receive an email with all the information you need to download and install the software.

Where do I find my license?

Your license for GeoDin will be send to you via email. Contact us if you lost your license.

How can I get in contact?

Go to the Contact page to see all contact options. You can phone, email or visit us.

System requirements

The recommended system requirements for GeODin are PCs with Windows operating system from Windows 10 (64-bit) with 4 GB RAM and a display resolution of 1920 x 1080 px.

GeODin may also be run from a Windows Server 2016 or higher as well as Citrix. Previous Windows operating systems and RAM configurations may work, but these are not supported.

By default GeODin data is stored in a Microsoft Access® database (note that you do not need a Microsoft Access licence).

When working with client/server databases the appropriate database drivers must also be installed. GeODin can be used as a stand-alone program or integrated in a multi-user network.