About GeoDin®

Thank you for your interest in GeoDin®. We are delighted to get to know you better, and we'd like for you to learn more about us. GeoDin® has been around for almost three decades, and we've helped numerous geotechnical engineers with improvements in their database creation and reporting, enabling the support of thousands of geo projects. From small consultancy organisations, to governments and big corporates: our software is used by many.

29 years of experience

For nearly three decades, GeoDin® has stood at the forefront of geotechnical data management, offering cutting-edge software solutions tailored for geotechnical engineers and their teams. With a legacy that spans over 29 years, GeoDin® is recognized as the preferred solution for geotechnical analysis across diverse sectors, including industrial companies, universities, and government agencies. More than 15,000 projects worldwide have leveraged GeoDin®'s expertise, showcasing our commitment to excellence in geotechnical data management.

Manage, integrate and visualize geodata

GeoDin® provides an array of advanced tools designed to manage, integrate, and visualize geotechnical data. Our products cater to various needs from basic data presentation to comprehensive data management and web-based sharing. With features like multilingual borehole logs, cross-sections, site plans, and customized queries, GeoDin® enables efficient and accurate data analysis. Our commitment to supporting top geological standards and integrating GIS features ensures that our clients can handle complex geotechnical challenges with ease and precision.

Founded by geotechnical engineers

GeoDin® was founded and meticulously developed by dedicated geotechnical engineers. These specialists, deeply rooted in the field of geotechnics, combined their extensive knowledge and practical experience to create a solution that effectively addresses the complex needs of geotechnical data management. Their expertise has been instrumental in designing a software that not only meets the technical demands of the industry but also evolves with its changing landscape. This engineer-driven approach is a cornerstone of GeoDin®'s success and reliability in the field.

Build on Solid Ground

You can read our mission statement on our front page. "Build on Solid Ground". We strive to realize this statement every single day with our team of 25+ experts. We want you to be able to feel confident in your databasebuilding, and the team to be confident in their decision making. Also, the end goal we all aim for, is to build constructions that are solid and trustworthy. So our mission can be read literally and figuratively.

Will you join us on our mission?

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