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Create compliant, error free databases

All major standards are included in GeoDin®. Additional standards can be custom build.

Use free templates for fast reporting

There are hundreds of templates to choose from.

Build a report from scratch

Prefer a blanc page? You can skip all templates and build your own thing.

Cross-sections in any formatting possible

Enhance your cross-sections with just a few clicks.

Use heatmaps to display the area build-up

Make visible what's beneath the ground in many different ways.

Technical capabilities per stage of the workflow

Insert your collected data with trust

Insert all types of borehole log data
Types of borehole log data supported: geological layers, Cone Penetration Test (CPT) data, Standard Penetration Test (SPT) data, groundwater data, well design data, soil parameters, samples and core photos.

Store data in leading commercial data bases
Supported data formats: Oracle®, Microsoft Access/SQL-Server®, PostgreSQL® and MySQL (to use client-server databases you need GeoDin® Professional)

Import multiple data formats
Import general and measurement data from: XLS, XLSX, MDB, ACCDB, TXT, CSV and SHP. 
Import data sequences from: ASC, TXT, CSV, LAS, GEF Import GIS data from SHP, TIF, ECW, JPG, GRD, GML, GEOJSON. 
A document management system supports: PDF, photos, videos and many more data formats to link or store
directly in the database. 

Export multiple data formats
Export/print templates as: PDF, PNG and EMF. 
Export report data to CSV and XLSX. 
Export all data grid views to XLSX, XLS, XML, HTML, TXT. 
Export data sequences to CSV. 
Export GIS data to SHP, GML, MIF, KML, JSON. 
Customize your data export (e.g. Excel, Access, CSV, XML) using publication methods 

Ensure full data compliance to 11 international geotechnical standards
Automatic and enforced adherence to: DIN 4022/23, DIN EN ISO 14688/89, DIN 4943, SEP1, SEP3, DIN EN ISO 22475, NEN, ÖNORM, GOST, KA5, ASTM and / or BS 5930.

Get data structure and consistency with preconfigured ground types and properties
Ground type examples: fine grained soil, coarse grained soil, sedimentary rock. Soil property examples: consistency, relative density, carbonate content.

Have instant and clear overview of collected data
Graphic representation of the borehole log in the data collection window, including depth, fill / ground type, and description (with the properties written in conformity with the selected geotechnical standard).

Control your data processing workflow

Customize +60 preconfigured data structures for statistical analyses, laboratory test reports and list comparison
Including preconfigured data structures for e.g.,: Atterberg Limits Test, Water Content Test, Permeability Test, Compaction Test, Shear Strength Test.

Use predefined parameter placeholders to fill in
Parameter examples: mass of the empty container (m-tin), mass of the wet soil sample (m-wet), mass of the dry soil sample mass (m-dry).

Get automatically calculated target fields
Calculated target field examples: water content (w), specific gravity (G), void ratio (e), degree of saturation (S), coefficient of permeability (k).

Have full visibility on the target field formulas (aka 'no black-box')
Water content (w) example: w(r=0) = 100*('m-wet'-'m-dry')/('m-dry'-'m-tin').

Have the flexibility to add new formulas
Instead of changing predefined formulas, we allow you to create new ones, so that you can have more control & confidence on the data workflow (aka 'you can't break it').

Save and reuse your configurations
Integration of wells & groundwater, CPTs, lab analyses and other geotechnical and environmental parameters can be saved as scenarios and reused in further sections and plans.

Decide and control your data storage
Data can be stored in leading client/server databases, either commercial products or open source alternatives. Supports Microsoft® SQL Server, Oracle®, PostgreSQL, MySQL™.

Enjoy flexibility and easy access to your data
Database queries and views for alternative data models. Access to your data forever, regardless the (dis)continuation of licensing.

Get support from our GeoDin® team, with +29 years existence
Multilingual support and integrated contextual help in English and German. Continuous updates and support ensuring GeoDin® remains a reliable and up-to-date solution for all geotechnical data management needs.

Visualize and present your data & insights

Create cross-sections integrating borehole logs, well designs, CPTs, SPTs, samples and groundwater data
Flexibility to choose between freehand and automatic construction of layer boundaries between profiles, using the XYZ borehole positions. The created polygons are fully editable, allowing adjustments for local stratigraphic variations.

Simplify reporting from industry-validated preconfigured templates
Template management with layout collections, layout snippets and quick settings. Template examples: Geotechnical Log and Water Content and Atterberg Limits Versus Depth.

Customize the templates or create reports from scratch with drag-and-drop functionality
Customizable for different content (data objects, queries and groups), graph types, time series for multiple parameters and paper sizes.

Define export schemas in various formats
Available export formats: XLSX, CSV, MDB & ACCDB. Also: PDF, PNG and EMF are available as export formats via the print preview.

Create thematic maps and present your data in a spatial context with embedded GIS tools
Web Map Services (WMS) and Tile Map Services (TMS); Compatible with common GIS formats (ECW, SHP); Support for raster and vector data (TIFF, JPG).

Benefit from GeoDin® interoperability with ArcMap™ and QGIS®
Export MS Access Database tables (MDB and ACCDB) for integration, querying, and processing within ArcMap™ and QGIS®; Export boreholes and other objects to KML, GML, SHP, JSON

Support and Maintenance

Support is limited to only assisting with the installation of the Software if there are apparent defects, bugs or any such issues that arise directly out of the Software. Modification, customisation to suit the Licensee’s information technology (IT) infrastructure or any other personalisation, is not a part of the standard Licensee Fee or support under this Agreement. Licensor may provide such customisation, only on the discretion of the Licensor and as an additional feature of the Software at full cost to the Licensee.

Periodic updates and any other maintenance updates may be pushed by the Licensor, at its sole discretion.

Installation requirements

a.      The Software requires 1GHz Processor or 1 GB main memory and Microsoft Windows® 10 or Microsoft Windows® 11 Operating system, as a minimum requirement for the functioning of the Software.

b.      Software shall be installed and operated only on devices owned by the Licensee or under the Licensee’s full control.

c.       Single use License – If the License is intended and purchased as a ‘single-user license’, in such event, the Software shall be installed on a single device for use by a single Authorized User only. Transfer of the Software from one device to another device, is permitted only to such devices that are under the full control of the Licensee. Such transfer of the Software from one device to another should meet the basic requirements of a ‘single-user license’.

d.      Multiple use License – If the License is intended and purchased as a ‘multiple-user license’ or a ‘network license’, in such event, the Software may be installed on multiple devices for a number of concurrent Authorised Users.

e.      Installation shall be carried out by the Licensee within five (5) business days following the receipt of the Software License and Documentation (“Installation Period”). At the end of the Installation Period, the Licensee shall be deemed to have accepted the Software, as is.

f.       The Licensee shall install the Software on to the Licensee’s own devices and/or on such devices that are under full control of the Licensee and verify the correct performance of the Software.

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